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I'M Not Gonna Pay A Lot For This Catrina.


Mustard is well a wonderful spice that can be used for so much. It grows naturally the Mediterranean. Mustard seeds are harmless in their dried condition, but when you crush the seeds release essential oils and mix the powder into the water emitted second irritants. Mustard is supposed to have an ability to cure scurvy. Therefore gave no Dutch ship on the seas without mustard powder in the shipment. Mustard was also used in bath and patch. In Asia, oil derived used as fuel for lanterns and as a flavoring in many dishes. Mustard can really give spice to life.

sad boy

My son has been very sick and he needs lots of guidelines asthma treatment so he needs help at school with the medication, and thats sad because he doesn´t want anyone to know about it, but like every time that the teacher tells him that now its time, then the kids asks him oh what are you going to do, and he can´t lie about it so he tells them just nothing, but they know that something is wrong, and he doesn´t want that because he want´s to be normal like everybody else are. So tomorrow we are going ...


My mother in law suffers from arthritis and she mainly feels it in her fingers and hands. Not a good thing for her of course, even more knowing she is a piano teacher. But now it's holiday period and she follows the school holidays. For her that means a break of about 6, 7 weeks. No lessons, no students, nothing. They have a mobile home in France, but that was rented out for this summer. So they decided to do something else and they took the car and drove to switzerland. She called tonight and was very enthusiastic about it.